Foley Peak Angus

The Kuntz Family Farm

The Kuntz Family Farm is located 6.5 miles up the Miami Foley. Nestled in the heart of the Nehalem valley our cattle are raised naturally on 100 acres of pasture. They are not constrained to pens, but are free to roam the pastures at their leisure. Their natural diet consists of grasses and legumes, a diet which produces the best beef. In winter months they are supplemented with our own farm raised hay and occasionally Eastern Oregon alfalfa. Our cattle are raised hormone free, in a natural, carefree environment. By eliminating stress and abuse, unnatural diets, and unnecessary hormones and other drugs we avoid many issues that plague the factory farmed, grain fed cattle. Our Black Angus Cross are born and raised on our farm. They are calm and docile each one is handled daily and treated with care. In turn, our giving them the best possible living conditions, gives you the best, most tender beef.


Benefits of Local Grass-Fed Beef

Our animals are 100% grass fed which means their meat is lower in saturated fats but also higher in omega-3 fatty acids, the healthy fats found in salmon and flaxseed, which studies indicate may help prevent heart disease & bolster the immune system.

  • Healthy, safe, delicious, lean beef for you
  • Ecologically sustainable growing practices that enhance the environment
  • Enhancement of agricultural communities and open space
  • Humane and respectful treatment of animals

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Preserving Summer's Bounty

We are very pleased with the beef we purchased form you. It was good to see your wonderful farm and see how you care for your animals. I am 50 years old and have never had such good meat before. I am going to order another 1/2 beef after we get through this one. Thanks again for the wonderful beef and the great experience.
Thank you again for meeting us on Saturday. We had a steak last night and some of the ground beef tonight. It taste great. It is some of the best beef I have ever had. I am not sure the difference between your cows and the previous grass fed cattle we have had before but yours does not have the gamey taste. I am very impressed. I have a feeling we will be going through this beef a lot faster than I was thinking we would. Thanks again, Rochelle